Teagan has done improv for many years. Her experiences include joining the group at High School, doing Kansas City Improv Company training, and starting and leading the KU Improv Club. 

The KU Improv Club has performed alongside Second City, America's Improv Test Kitchen, Starlight Theatre, Kansas City Improv Company, Hilarity for Charity, Kansas City FRINGE Festival, UNICEF and SURGE, Student Union Activities events including Unionfest and Comedy and Pizza.

Below is the KU Improv Club video that was a posted to the official University of Kansas social media pages. 

Starting and leading the club as President has given her many skills that are valuable on and off the stage. She credits leading the KU Improv Club to her skills as a leader and director. 

After graduation, Teagan continued her improv education by doing the Kansas City Improv Company Training Program. After completion, she continued performing with her indie troupe, Junkyard Children. With them, she performed at the Kansas City Improv Company's, Indie Playhouse, The Improv Shop KC, and Clint's Comedy Stop. 


KU Improv Club Video
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